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Location: New York, NY

Days before the famous NYC Marathon, energetic Attack! brand ambassadors descended into the streets of the Big Apple to promote Nissan’s new electric car: The Leaf.  Brand ambassadors toured Manhattan and the outer boroughs in a branded Nissan Leaf while  street teams distributed various swag items to interested pedestrians. During the event, Attack! street teams also helped spread the word about the upcoming ING Marathon being held in the city.


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Locations: Chicago, IL; Washington, D.C.

Energetic Attack! brand ambassadors headed out to Chicago and Washington D.C. to help promote the grand opening of Target’s PFresh Markets. Promotional ambassadors passed out Target goodie bags filled with fresh produce and ingredients to create a meal for one. A large vending truck decorated as a giant Target grocery bag overflowing with vegetables accompanied the street teams along the way. Interested passers interacted with brand ambassadors and received informational flyers on PFresh locations.

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Locations: Hamptons, NY; Long Island, NY

Attack! promotional brand ambassadors headed out to the Hamptons and Long Island, NY to help promote Svedka Vodka’s latest drink campaign. Brand ambassadors visited local hotspots in a neon orange, Svedka Vodka wrapped truck. Street teams interacted with local residents and passed out Svedka branded giveaways to increase awareness about the popular vodka brand.

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Location: New York City, NY; Stamford, CT

Attack! street teams headed out to NYC to help promote Fresh Direct’s newest food delivery service. Summer brand ambassadors distributed catalogs, card coupons and premium samples of coffee grounds, snack packs and 4-Minute Meals. Street teams interacted with pedestrians and encouraged consumers to look into the new service now available in the Hamptons area.

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Vehicle Wrap

Location: Miami, FL

Attack! created a customized, wrapped ’63 Cadillac Deville to increase brand exposure and booth attendance for skin care company Galderma at this year’s American Academy of Dermatology Convention.  The Galderma Caddy displayed the company’s booth # and roamed popular streets surrounding the event, targeting convention attendees at local hotels and restaurants.

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WeTV-Street-team-marketing-promotional staffing

Location: New York, New York

At the peak of the holiday shopping season, Attack! sent groups of female brand ambassadors to Manhattan to kick off of WeTV’s “Pledge 24 in 2010” event. The branded WeVolunteer truck made three staged stops around high-traffic shopping areas, getting passersby to pledge 24 hours of community service in 2010 via kiosk stations within the WeVolunteer truck, which served as an impossible to ignore mobile billboard.

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Locations: Los Angeles, Boston and Austin

To introduce the Medical Research Institute‘s first ready-to-drink protein shake (Pro Nos) to fitness afficianados across America, Attack! conceptualized and executed a multi-market product introduction and promotion.  Fit, health-conscious staff were trained and sent to strategic gyms, health-clubs, GNC stores and special events.   An Attack! produced promotional video was displayed at all gyms, offering those interested in-depth product info.  Whether it be passing out samples in the weight room at 24 Hour Fitness or at a high-traffic GNC store, staff delivered product information and coupons to the the target demographic, boosting sales, product awareness, and brand loyalty.

Learn more about the MRI RTD marketing campaign.

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