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Bark-Wireless-Publicity-StuntLocation: Hickory, NC

A large group of Attack! brand ambassadors headed to the Startown Plaza in Hickory to help promote Bark Wireless’ newest service plans. Street teams created home-made signs to “protest” against cellphone contracts and overage fees from more popular cellphone service providers.  Brand ambassadors distributed informational flyers and delicious cookies to local Black Friday shoppers as they passed the mob.  Passers who were interested in hearing more about the better services Bark has to offer were invited to visit the Bark store to learn more.


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Location:  San Jose, CA

Attack! sent mock protesters armed with picket signs demanding “better views” and “lower dues” to downtown San Jose to increase awareness  of City Heights high-rise living.  Three “rally teams” of 10 men and women marched in and around downtown San Jose, chanting for  “high-rise living”, “downtown excitement” and “better views… lower dues”.  Brand ambassadors handed out postcards to those wanting to know more, and, at the end of the weekend, over four deposits for City Heights apartments had been placed (over 1.2 million in revenue!).

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Location: Henderson, NV

Attack! teamed with Horizon Media to stage a mock rally in front of the zappos.com headquarters just outside of Las Vegas.   Promotional talent, armed with wooden pickets and wearing bright shirts emblazoned with “yeson23.net” messaging formed an energetic, lively crowd.  Protestors were instructed keep their lips sealed on the nature of the cause, and focused on directing traffic to the site.  Once at the yeson23.net, it became clear that the protest was done on behalf of Horizon Media, one of many agencies up for review with the company (#23 on the review list).

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